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July 8
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(In case you can't get best ending and got anoyed by it, here is the correct answers.. of course use them only if you can't get best ending yourself.
At last it's finished.!!!! Yescrying 
It took like 10 month or something to finish this.. Theese last 5 days were killing me. I wanted to finish it at last so I've been working until 2AM every day.. Not to mention the pain I was going trough when game was finished and I had to search for mistakes.. I tryed to go trough the game like 30 times, but every time there was some wierd thing that I had to fix to be able to go further.. *sights* Depressed 
SO i still don't know if there is some spelling mistakes or text doesn't make sence because of auto correction or something else, but I really woun't go another 10 times trough it, it's just too much.. onion head "sigh" 

Anyway hope you'll enjoy playing it.. 03 

If there is some glitches please notify me.. Ththfoyourinfo 

Be carefull with choices cause if you answer correctly on one guy you might lose points with other one. So choose from the begginig whitch one are you going after and don't be afraid to make an "enemy" out of the guy you didn't choose.. Psyco 

And yea, this game is a little bit different from my previous ones, just sayin though.. onion head "so what" 

Yay, I still can't calm down, I can't belive it's finished.. At last..!!!! Ule Ule Ule 

An ye I know such an "original" title for it.. But I suck at making titles.... Drop 
Ohhh, just remembered there's no background music.!!! But well you'll survive it, I belive in you.. OnionHead 
Now there is background music.. :XD: Just press to play it in lover right corner.. ^.^
*sights* Just so you know the"best ending" is longer and better than endings with not enaugh points.. ^^'
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lena110 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Yuki, you deserve a cookie, this is awesome! :meow:  And...ROCK ALL THE WAY!! Headbang! 
Yuki-Mio Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Woohoo, cookie for me.. cookie love 
Thank you very much.. hug 
lena110 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
You're very welcomeHug 
ChiceyDice Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
i just about died when you're with Nagi and the boys poke their heads up from behind the plants! XD
Yuki-Mio Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Lol.. :D No need to die though.. :D 
ChiceyDice Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
they were just all *boop* and  was laughing really hard.
FunghettAyu Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
I've played and failed Hiroto's route once before noticing the points in the corners. Whoops.
Then I replayed it again and didn't get the best ending. Damn.
Then I finally got the best ending and I was really happy, he's really sweet!
Then I played Reino and I noticed that if I right click I can go back to change my choices (but I have to go back and choose the right one twice to get back the points I lost whoops) so I didn't have to play it multiple times, yay! And I loved him more than Hiroto, sigh. <3
What bothers me most is how Hiroto's jealous even when you have NO POINTS WHATSOEVER with him. Like, not as in I dislike the game, I just dislike that side of the character (which isn't bad, it's always good to have more sides of a character, some to love and some to hate! I really like it more :D). I was just like "yo, chillax, I don't mind what he did at all, don't need to freak out like that and go punch him oh my god". But yeah, I really liked it!
There are some typos here and there, but it's generally okay - you can read and understand just fine.
I also like the art! And the story! :D Good job!
Yuki-Mio Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Really.? You can go back.?! I didn't know.. ^^" 
I made Reino more to my liking too, shh don't tell anyone.. :XD:
It's like even if you don't have points with him, because of the story line he still likes you it's just that he doesn't love you so he won't choose to be with you.. Something like that.. ^^"
:D lol about punching scene I just had to put in some "drama".. :D Since the 1st day I started making this game I just knew that there will be scene like that.. :D 
Soz about that, I'm trying to improve my English.. ^^"
And thank you very much. :hug:
FunghettAyu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Yeah, you just right click and click back, but you might see the start of the other choices, plus you have to do so twice if you lost points to get back what you lost and to get more points because of the right choice ^^'' so really, it's a bit uncomfortable, but better than having to remember all the right choices, haha.
And yeah, I noticed that! I really liked that. I mean, it's a bit weird when you're not gaining any points and you're just seemingly pissing him off, because really, what do you like about me Reino if I piss you off constantly but it's rather cute nonetheless! I also don't have to worry about the fact that the guy seemed to hate my guts and then by the end of the game he fell in love with me and it doesn't seem that rushed, you know? That's what I like about dating games. No rush. uwu
Well, can't say I didn't like the punch scene at first, haha. When I was on Hiroto's path I was like "YEAH PUNCH THE SMUG OUT OF HIS FACE, HIROTO! Butpleasedon'tgetfiredforme." xD But yeah, it makes sense! I mean, it's obvious there's some kind of tension between them since the start, so it was inevitable, lol.
I also really liked when they seem to band together to protect me from the journalist :D That was really cute!
And don't worry! I understand what it's like, I'm not English myself and it took me a lot of time to get used to English and be able to make as less typos as possible. Also, the game was understandable so it wasn't that big of a deal. :) Maybe next time ask an English friend if they can help you search for typos and correct them? It can help when you don't know if something is wrong or not too, so you can learn more as well :D
And no problem! ^^
Yuki-Mio Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Oh yea, just tried it, you can really go back.. :D I really didn't know that.. :D
:D I dunno why I just always like that guy who is mean to you, and you are pissing him off in the end falls for ya, so that's why he is this way.. :D Mh, I think it's better than when you start playing and the guy is already so deeply in love, I think it's kinda weird, though I think that in one of my old games there could be something like that.. :D And maybe I will make games with character like even though I don't like it myself.. :XD:
Haha.. :D Poor Reino.. :D Someone rooting for him to get his ass kicked.. :D
Mhh, even they can work together to get rid of one more rival.. :D And of course to protect their "loved one", gawd that sounds cheesy.. :D
Mmmmmm, I don'r really have English friend.. ^^" Well I only know one guy from america and he's teaching me English by correcting my mistakes, but I wouldn't send him all the long text of game to check. But anyways I'm learning, and I would like to think that I'm getting better with every game I make.. :) 
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